How To Clean an Area Rug: An Easy 5-Step Guide
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How To Clean an Area Rug: An Easy 5-Step Guide

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and immediately felt taken aback? Perhaps it was because of the dated smell that lingered in the air, or maybe it was because of the messy appearance of the rug.

Whatever the case may be, this feeling of discomfort is probably universal among most people who have been invited over to someone’s home.

Fortunately, there are ways to make a home feel more welcoming and comfortable for everyone who comes over. Luckily, cleaning a rug is one of them. Here’s how to clean a rug so it smells great and feels like new again after every use.

Know what to avoid when cleaning a rug

The first step when cleaning a rug is to know what you should and shouldn’t do. It’s important to remember that when it comes to rugs, there are certain things that you shouldn’t do.

First of all, you should never clean a rug with a vacuum cleaner. Rugs are delicate and aren’t meant to be sucked up like dust. It can damage them and rip them apart.

Instead, you should use a vacuum attachment with a soft brush on the end of it. Don’t use harsh cleaners or abrasive cleaners to clean your rug either.

It’s not meant to be scrubbed with any sort of abrasive cloth or sponge. You can, however, use mild soap on a washcloth to clean the hard-to-reach places on your rug.

Check for dirt and stains before scrubbing

how to clean a rug

Before you begin scrubbing your rug, be sure to check for dirt and stains on the surface of the rug. Whether you’ve just finished a shower or someone else has spilled something on the rug before you got there.

You don’t want to get down on the rug and make a bigger mess. Take a look at the rug, and if you see a stain or mark, feel free to clean it before you start scrubbing.

Next, take a look at the rug again and see where the rug meets the tile or wood floor. If there’s an area where the rug meets the floor, you must clean that spot before scrubbing the rest of the rug.

Dust off and Remove loose particles

vacuum your rug

Once you’ve checked for dirt and stains on the rug, it’s time to get down to scrubbing. While it’s important to scrub your rug to remove dirt and stains, you should also scrub the rug lightly so that it doesn’t wear out and wear down over time. You can also use rug cleaners for better results.

Before you begin scrubbing your rug, dust off the loose particles off of your rug. Doing so will remove the dirt and other tiny solid objects.

You may also want to do this before you begin scrubbing to keep the scrubbing light. Don’t forget to clean underneath your rug too! It’s likely that there are dirty particles on the floor that have reached your rug and can cause the same damage to your rug as the dirt and grime on the floor.

Wash your rug in the washroom

wash your rug

If your rug is washable, there’s no reason not to wash it in the washroom. This method is effective and easy to do. If you don’t have a rug washing machine, this is a great alternative and a more eco-friendly alternative to using a machine.

First, take a look at your rug to see what color it is and what type of material it is made out of. And follow the washing instructions given on the tag of the rug.

Next, grab a bucket or large sink full of cold water. You can use the tap water you’re drinking, or you can use a bucket of ice to make it cold.

Next, place your rug in the sink and soak it in cold water. You can do this in the sink or on the counter. You can leave it out for as long as you need to soak it. Add washing liquid to the water for better cleaning.

Dry your rug on the drying rack after it’s been rinsed

After you’ve washed your rug and let it air dry, it’s time to get rid of the water. For this part, you can either use a disposable hot air dryer or just let it dry under sun.

You can put a towel under your rug and press it against the wall or use a stand to support your rug and let it air dry. This will ensure that it doesn’t get damaged by the friction that would occur if it sat on the floor.

If you decide to use a towel, make sure that it’s a towel that’s not too old or too thick. A thick towel will trap moisture under it, which can lead to mold and mildew.

Use an odor-removing product to disinfect while drying

use disinfectant

If you’ve scrubbed your rug, it’s important to disinfect the rug while it’s drying. To do this, simply spray your rug with an anti-odor product while it’s still damp.

Using an anti-odor product with a disinfectant in it will not only protect your rug from mold, but it will also kill any bacteria that may have been picked up from other people in your home.

This will make your rug smell better and keep it from getting mildew because of the bacteria that were picked up from other people.

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Cleaning a rug is not a daunting task if you prepare for it. You can easily clean a rug with the items that you have in your home and a few simple household tips. Now that you know how to clean a rug, get scrubbing!